We have 4 food trucks circulating in the country and one restaurant open from tuesday to saturday. We are also located at the Rockhal in Esch-Belval during concerts. You can find our food trucks every day at 120 route d’Arlon, 8008 Strassen and at the Airport and in Saeul. No waiting time, just order your burger very easily via our app. For more information scroll down.

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LëtzeBurger Strassen

120 Route d’Arlon
L-8008 Strassen
+352 661 355 788

Open 7/7 11:00-22:00

LëtzeBurger Airport

4 Rue de Trèves
L-2632 Sandweiler
+352 691 359 660

Open 7/7 11:30-21:00

Food Truck “OG”

Monday Kirchberg Auchan 11:30-14:30 + Garnich 17:30-20:30
Tuesday Cloche d’Or 11:30-13:30 + Mamer Lycée 18:00-21:00
Wednesday Kirchberg Auchan 11:30-14:30
Thursday Arcelor Mittal Esch 11:30-13:30 + Bettembourg 18:00-21:00
Friday  Bertrange 18:00-21:00

+352 661 355 778

Food Truck “Foxi”

You can rent Foxi for your events. We cater all type of events. We ask a minimum fee of 800.- Euros for 2 hours of service.


LëtzeBurger Rockhal

5 Av. du Rock’n’Roll, 4083 Esch-sur-Alzette

Only open during concerts!

LëtzeBurger Strassen
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Julien VignéJulien Vigné
15:41 25 Sep 23
The location is unfortunately the only weak point, on the side of the road, don't expect to relax. However, the food is excellent, with better quality ingredients, you will find what you enjoy there, especially if you are a fan of burgers. Also note the young staff who contribute to a very active service.
Melvin Da CostaMelvin Da Costa
11:58 16 Sep 23
Top!! That's not to say!!!
Nicholas CazzanigaNicholas Cazzaniga
20:56 11 Sep 23
One of the best burgers in Luxembourg, and one of the few with honest prices.
Aigars ZalitisAigars Zalitis
18:50 11 Sep 23
05:06 04 Sep 23
GX MattiaGX Mattia
19:59 03 Sep 23
I ordered a Vanessa‘s steakburger and a black angus burger this evening, very good team, good atmosphere, very fast service. perfect!!🤌🏼03/09/2023
The LevelerThe Leveler
13:17 03 Sep 23
Asked for a Vegan burger got a Bacon burger...took few bites and put in the trash 🗑. The water was good 😄 spent 14 euro
Anna N.Anna N.
17:29 02 Sep 23
Not famous at all, wet bun, not crispy fries and pathetic serviceAnd to finish a salty noteNever again
Vicky MillerVicky Miller
10:09 02 Sep 23
I don’t often say this…. But that was a damn good burger!!!
Jeannot WaxweilerJeannot Waxweiler
15:42 30 Aug 23
Igel SternIgel Stern
22:44 12 Sep 23
Mauro Dalle Lucca TosiMauro Dalle Lucca Tosi
19:50 08 Sep 23
Great burguer. Much better than anything else you can eat in the airport.
Cédric BrodinCédric Brodin
15:36 03 Sep 23
Airport kiss and ride parking. One has to pay the parking to eat. Rubberlike fries. Industrial mayonnaise. Black Angus overrated for a burger
Mostafa AlthljeMostafa Althlje
11:07 03 Sep 23
Zaki ToularhmineZaki Toularhmine
13:52 28 Aug 23
Chef Marek conjured me a juicy Litzburger. (Increases his salary)
Arsham MostaaniArsham Mostaani
07:47 22 Aug 23
Cecilia HCecilia H
13:54 15 Aug 23
Nice little place before taking off with good quality quick food!Signed "the little part-time tester" 😘
20:12 13 Aug 23
14:33 13 Aug 23
Dennis Jensen J.rDennis Jensen J.r
08:41 08 Aug 23
A very decent hamburger, friendly service and they speak English.
Ralf MenegattiRalf Menegatti
21:29 07 Jul 23
Burger was OK but far too expensive. Service not very professional also could be friendlier for that money. A rip off
16:39 09 Apr 23
Great food truck.Very tasty burgers, highly recommend the crispy chicken, the joopi sauce is perfect.2 Burgers and 1 fries roughly €27Will come again
Géraldine GoffartGéraldine Goffart
16:38 09 Apr 23
Fresh and tasty burgers. The meat is really fresh and juicy. Fresh salad ingredients. Lots of sauces from Belgium. Nicely cooked fries. Nice seating area in the sun or covered in case of rain. I recommend! Much better for your money than the options inside the airport!
Paul DonnPaul Donn
14:24 18 Jan 23
My first Letsburger yesterday. I was expecting a first class meal after reading articles in the press, but I was a little bit disappointed.Yes the meat was good, but the bread greezy and the chips had way too salty. I didn't get any serviette.Too conclude a burger costing EUR 15, I was a little bit disappointed. But I will try again to see if this is just a one off.
James HerlihyJames Herlihy
13:27 26 Oct 22
Good burger and fries and not expensive. Better than the usual airport experience!
00:13 12 Jul 22
As the fast-food choice is very limited within the aiport itself it was a nice suprise to find the legendary LëtzeBurger food-truck here !Took the Baconburger and wasn't disapointed, fresh vegetables, cheese, real bacon, local meat and fresh bun are well assembled and the result is just yummy as f... ! Fries and onion rings are fine as well. Nice staff and cosy place to eat nearby.
18:22 02 Jul 22
Very nice burger cooked just right. Takes about 10-15 minutes. Breakfast burger + coffee also available. One vegan and one vegetarian burger available. It would be better if they add healthier options like side salad to the menu.
Coralie MathayCoralie Mathay
18:41 28 Jun 22
Great Burgers just in front of the airport entrance. Taste the delicious spicy Dallas sauce for your fries ! 🍟Some tables and chairs outside.Good idea after a flight to fine these great burgers.Vegan option available also.
Ioana-Roxana BobIoana-Roxana Bob
14:18 19 Sep 21
Their Butter Chicken burger was tasty but i liked more their Chicken nuggets - very tender yet crispy. Nice service. And the little plaza square where the tables are, is so intimate and cozy!

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